Hailing from the Midwest, Willie “Esco” better known as Esco began his journey barbering early in life. Attempting to cut his own hair in his youth and not succeeding, had ignited a desire to become a stylist/barber. Having blessed born talent as an artist, he became known for his intricate hair graphic’s and design’s. At that moment he fell in love with the creative process and the ability to express art within a hairstyle. Proceeding to pursue his career as a professional, he began cosmetology school right out of high school. As a professional, he has competed against some of the best in mulitple barber battles and in attendance at world renowned industry events.

Continuing on his path to greatness, he relocated to South Florida, home to some of the best in the industry. Now residing at Blurry Fades Barbershop, working beside Mark Marrero and amongst other phenomenal barbers. He believes that, “To be Great, you must be amongst GREATNESS!”